The Journey of Starting Self Love Beauty Blog with Lisa Thompson

Over the past weekend I was able to interview Lisa Thompson through email. Although, we didn’t interview face to face Thompson seemed kind-hearted. From the moment I reached out to her she was very supportive and encouraged me to email her. 

Thompson, 26 years old, from North Branch, MI is the founder of Self Love Beauty Blog. Thompson started this blog in 2012 after struggling with self-love. She noticed her difficultly with finding self-love and noticed women she met struggled as well. When Thompson noticed the similarities she decided to write about her journey in the hope to inspire women to know they are not alone either.

After, meeting tons of women going through the same journey Thompson expanded and started a t-shirt and canvas collection that contains embracing words encouraging women. Thompson stated “From there we have continued to grow to more than 20 writers, partnerships and our recent Beautiful Me shop (” 

What Thompson would like readers to know:  

Q:What do you find the most challenging thing about maintaining your blog?

A:Time. It is not my full time job so I have to find time weekly to devote a lot of time to it! 

Q:What’s the most interesting or exciting aspect of running your  blog?

A:Meeting other women, listening to their stories and being part of their journey. I am truly blessed to meet so many amazing women! Their stories are truly inspiring! 

Q:What advice do you have for someone just starting to maintain a blog?

A:Find your niche, understand that it can be overwhelming but staying true to your topic and the reason you started is the most important. It is a lot of work- truly a lot, so you have to be okay with sacrificing spending time on other times.   

Q:Lastly, what role do you think blogging should play in the future of journalism? 

A:I truly think journalist should collaborate with bloggers, just imagine the types of stories we could share then! 

You can find Thompson’s blog at and her Instagram is @selflovebeauty



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